We Missed It!


There is a strategic purpose for a set of blueprints. They convey the vision of the architect to those who are called to construct what is ultimately desired. Any deviation whatsoever from the original plan can only produce something quite different from the original intent of the designer. When this occurs, three words immediately come to mind – We Missed It!

I believe those words ring greatly true for the church man has raised in comparison to the church Christ declared He would build (Mt. 16:18). In the heart of the Father is to build through Christ a household or a family (Eph. 2:19-22) and not some corporate organization. Men have erected that which is transactional and not that which was intended to be highly relational (Eph. 4:16). As a result, we have denominations and fellowships which are more hierarchical in nature versus being relational at their core as the Lord intended. In other words, we missed it!

Sons are what the Father desires (Rom. 8:29). Sons who are conformed in the image of His Son. The Bible is replete with the language of family and of a household (Eph. 2:19; 3:15; Mt. 10:25; Gal. 6:10; 1 John 3:1). The Word of God makes the consistent case for family over organization. Search the scriptures and you too will find that God is about family, His household and sons! We missed it! 

But thank God He allows “change orders!” Even though foundations must be “re-layed”, we must carry out God’s design God’s way! Who’s design will we trust? If we go on doing what we are doing, we will only get more of what we already have!


Excerpt from the Forthcoming Book: “When Sons Become Fathers”


“At some point sons both natural and spiritual may more than likely become fathers. Preparing sons not only for the period of transition but their new role is the responsibility of the father whether biological or spiritual. Failure here has the potential of adversely effecting subsequent generations and ultimately aborting the destiny given to a family or a ministry vision” (An excerpt from When Sons Become Fathers by Apostle Reginald M. Holiday)

Life Trajectory


The word of God teaches us that Jesus Christ is our example in all things. Today, let’s take a lesson from the life of Jesus concerning “Life Trajectory.” Life Trajectory is a phrase I want to stress especially to younger people. A life without proper trajectory is really just an experiment in unfruitful living. This does not mean that there is no benefit in a life lived without trajectory but a life lived this way will never be one that realizes it’s maximum potential.

Learning Life Trajectory means discovering who I am in God, what He has assigned me to do and learning how He wants this assignment done for His glory.

Now, in the life of Jesus we can readily see its trajectory. Jesus knew and walked out 3 things:

1) He knew Who He was

2) He knew what He was supposed to do

3) He knew how He was supposed to get it done

Therefore, if He is our example as Christians in all things; and He is. We are to establish our life’s trajectory based on the pattern or example He has left us. We need to know from the Father the three things Jesus knew as the Son. Pray about it. Listen and obey!

Until the next time, Stay On Target!

“7 Questions to Ask God” from the CEO’s of Ministry Institute


“7 Questions to Ask God” from the CEO’s of Ministry Institute”

1) Where is my intimacy with You, God, based on Your desire for me personally?

2) Am I positioned correctly as a leader, to ensure maximum response Your mandates?

3) How effectively and consistently am I executing the 5 point CEO job description as an example to those entrusted to me?
– Provide Direction
– Obtain P, I, Rs
– Commission the work (yes, no or redirect it)
– Provide success (coaching, teaching and training)
– Obtain evaluation

4) How effectively am I carrying out the Great Commission and thereby keeping the core competent leaders You send?

5) How am I doing in ensuring a legacy with this work of Yours – by instituting effective succession coaching, a leader pipeline and leadership engine?

6) In the process of achieving Your vision am I adding value and empowering Your people through relationship, partnership and team building?

7) In the course of doing Your work, where is my love for people and how close am I to seeing things from Your eyes?

Stay On Target!

Pushing Your Leader to Success – Part 1


Great Day!

Here is a lesson that all support leaders need to master.

Background Scriptures: Ep. 6:18-20; Lk. 18:3; Ga. 6:6; He. 13:16; 1 Ti. 5:17-18

No ministry will ever reach its maximum potential in God or carry out those things necessary for vision fulfillment without having a group of leaders who desire to see their leader and their ministry succeed. In this brief article are a few important elements to being the type of leader that “pushes his/her leader to success”!

Two critical definitions for our study:

Pushing – To press or urge forward; an advance against opposition; aggressive enterprise

Success – The fulfillment of a God-given assignment or calling

Ministry workers, servant leaders and the like must have a mind for pressing and urging the plan of vision of their leader forward against any and all opposition in an aggressive way for the purpose of fulfilling their leader’s (or set man’s) God-given assignment in the earth.

As a ministry worker or HELPS worker, I must be willing to consistently do whatever it takes to bring the vision of my leader and this local church to pass! This requires that …

–          I know that I will always serve someone else’s vision

–          I know that serving the vision of another is prerequisite to ultimately possessing my own

–          I know that as I serve my leader’s vision, I activate the Law of Reciprocity in my own life

–          I know that God will typically allow you to have Leah before He gives you Rachel

–          I know that relinquishing Rachel requires me to embrace Leah

 Pushing your Leader to Success demands that you be one who adds value to your leader and what he is assigned by God to do!

This requires:

Proper PerspectiveHow do I see my leader and what he has been called to do?

I must see my leader as:

–          The one God, Himself has set (Num. 27:16)

–          A “gift from God” (Jer. 3:15; Eph. 4:11)

–          The “key leader” in God’s leadership structure (James 3:4)

–          The person in charge; the one with the God-given responsibility to lead and direct the local church (Ezek 34:23)

–          One whose responsibilities affect every aspect of local church life (Heb. 3:5AMP)

I must see what my leader is called to do as a kingdom mandate and realize that as I do “it” first, according to God’s way of doing things, the “other” will be added to me (Mt. 6:33).

Proper PositioningAm I in the right position to be an asset to his success?

–          Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Financially, Organizationally, Educationally

Persistent PonderingHow much time do I devote towards: thinking through the vision, thinking through what God has revealed through my leader about the vision, considering my leader’s words and desires spoken out loud? How can I be a catalyst for bringing it to pass?

Prolific ProductivityDo I make the right things happen or do I simply take care of menial matters desiring ovations of approval?

You can in no way position your leader for success unless you follow these 10 keys:

Key #1 – Make sure your personal house is in order

Key #2 – Be a Load Lifter!

Key #3 – Sign up for the assignments others refuse to accept

Key #4 – Develop into a First Class Leader

Key #5 – Get more than your leader’s words, also get his heart!

Key #6 – Value your leader’s time

Key #7 – Be a “Go to Player”

Key #8 – Set your mind to constantly improve

Key #9 – Become a vision pusher

Key #10 – Exemplify the behavior your leader desires

(We will unfold these ten keys in our next installment here on the CGD webpage.)

What are the benefits of setting your leader up for success? (What’s in it for me?)

While you are seeking God’s kingdom first, according to God’s way of doing things, the other things will be added unto you!

Accomplishment – The realization of being a part of something historic, great and integral to the Kingdom of God!

Favor – it will arise from God, from your leader and those you assist him in serving

Promotion – Advancement in the Kingdom of God, the local church and/or secular assignments

Pleasing God – Owners get to carry a piece of God’s heart. When we desire the leader’s success, we are motivated to do all we do to God’s glory thus pleasing Him and receiving the blessings that arise from doing so!

Stay On Target!


Leaders: Getting Things Done!


Hello All!

We are preparing here for one of the premier Leadership & Ministry Development Schools in our region. Our theme this year is “Getting Things Done: Developing High Performance Leaders and Helps Ministry. We believe the call on every Christian and every ministry is to do greater works than what Christ did while He was here. We know that “greater” is in terms of quantity and not quality. And at the same time, more and more churches and leaders should strive to improve their performance and productivity. As we get better, we bring greater glory to God and greater good to His people!

One of the ways I believe we can be highly productive and increase our performance is to determine what things we will do. We cannot be effective with limited time and resources and know how attempting to do and be all things to everyone. So we must decide what we will say “yes to” and be prepared to say a strong “no” to everything else. What 3-5 things will you or your ministry give its focus? Where will you commit your time, talent and resources? How will you effectively communicate to your team what your priorities are?

This week we will look more closely at how as churches and leaders we can get more done with the Lord. Our goal through this post and our Leadership School is to help you get better! So, take some time, if you have not already and determine what are you uniquely called to do or where will you make an uncommon contribution in the earth? The church and the world is in need of what you can make happen!

Until the next time, Stay On Target!

For Information on the Leadership & Ministry Development School, email lmdsinformation@gmail.com or call (336)323.3172

Being “Ministry-Minded” and Our Attitude Toward People



Ministry is a people business! It is intended to serve, equip, empower and inspire people. Without people, vision will perish too! Those who are “ministry-minded” have a right attitude for the people they are called to serve. This attitude is similar to the mind of Christ in the sense that He came to serve and not to be served. Christ was motivated to serve others by His love for God, His Father and for the Lord’s people.

Those who are ministry-minded function the same way! It is our love for Him and our love for His people that keeps us mindful of what we think, say and do especially regarding other people. We have a responsibility for making God clear and visible to mankind and in doing so our attitude towards them causes us to succeed or fail in our efforts.

The ministry-minded value the people above the task at hand or the entire system of work. People produce more and respond more positively in environments where they feel and believe they matter.

So, let’s maintain a proper attitude to those we are called to serve. Let’s be loving, considerate, kind, empowering and value adding to those of which we are privileged to minister.  Raise the level of your perspective of those God sends your way!

Stay On Target!