Don’t Die in your Dilemma!


I just want to encourage those of you who may be going through at this particular moment or who may be dealing with something that seems to not be getting better even though the days and years have gone by. Don’t Die in Your Dilemma! Hell is counting on you wearing down and eventually out, but our God is greater! Refuse to die to what life or the devil might be doing! Declare, I shall live and press on to the fruition of it all!

To the pastor that is up against it, don’t die! It may look like things are never going to happen for you and your ministry but refuse to die and choose to live in all God has promised and makes available to you!

To the Christian who is finding it hard to go on, don’t die! Ask God for new strength, power and praise! Worship Him, if you cannot praise Him right now! Keep the song of The Lord in your heart and expect Him to guide you out of this! Choose life!

I encourage you to move beyond your feelings into a place of faith in God! Trust that better is coming through Him! God is for you – Period! Pray for His plan and strategy not just to see you through but to bring you out and to put you over! He has the final say and I believe all though today you may be down you are yet unconquered!

Stay On Target!


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