Leading You – Part 2


Great Morning Champions,

No organization will ever rise above the capacity of its leader. This is why it is so critical that you “lead you” well. As the leader, you must continue to grow. The Bible tells us that Christ grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and with man.

This means He grew as a leader in His ability to take knowledge and apply it. That’s what wisdom is, the application of knowledge. Everything God does begins with information or knowledge. This knowledge can merely be a set of facts or it can be translated into wisdom as we properly apply it. As a leader, you must grow in wisdom, so that your team will as well.

Christ also grew in stature. This pertains to physical growth. I also believe it has to do with Him maturing emotionally and mentally. Leaders have to be solid emotionally and mentally while taking great care of themselves physically. This should be modeled before your team. As you do this well, not only will it attract people who are also like this, it will cause those who are not to have to make a decision to change or to be a part of something else.

Lastly, Christ grew in terms of relationships. The highest relationship is with God, the Father. Jesus grew in that priority relationship. If you are leading, you too must grow in your relationship with God. He has the plan, the vision, the resources and all else you need to be successful. But you must grow in your relationship with Him. You must also grow in your ability to relate to others. You must become more of a people person. This begins with learning to love them as Christ does. As a matter of fact, the love you have for people will only be the overflow of the love relationship you have with Christ. So, as you grow in your relationship with Him, your relationship with others should improve as well.

In closing, what one thing can you do for the next 30 days in each of these areas to help you “lead you” better? I’d love to hear your commitments.

Stay OnTarget!


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