Leading “You”!



I believe the basis of all great leadership stems from how well you lead yourself. Leading yourself well has great bearing and implications on how well you are able to lead others. The Apostle Paul gave similar instructions to his protegé, Timothy, in 1 Timothy 4:12-16.

Today, I just want us to look at verse 16, where Paul tells Timothy to “Take heed unto thyself…” In other words, Look well to yourself and to your own personality. If you are going to be successful as a leader of others, you must begin with yourself. Examine your own life. Be your own critic.

Paul gave Timothy these criteria for evaluating himself:

– His example for other believers in his speech, his conduct, his love, in faith and in his purity

– Timothy was also to compare how he was living and who he was becoming to what he taught others (doctrine)

I believe all of us as leaders need to strive to personally do the same. If we are to lead others well, we must begin with ourselves. And Paul’s instructions to Timothy are an ideal place to begin.

How well are you “leading you”?

Stay OnTarget…


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