Leaders Getting Things Done: Be Clear On What You Are To Do!



In order to be leader who consistently gets the right things done, you first need to be clear on what it is you are supposed to do. This is simpler said than done. Many live life each day doing what they do out of habit and routine and not from a clear sense of purpose and vision. What you do should spring forth from God-given vision and your unique purpose.

This means you must be sure of what God’s vision is for your life. You must also be clear on what His purpose for your existence is and how you are to walk these things out. Determine to settle this and stop being one of billions merely doing what they do with no thought as to whether or not this is their unique assignment. Leaders in particular must be certain of these things as not to waste the valuable time, talent and treasure entrusted into your hands. God rightfully expects increase and what you do to ultimately bring glory to His Name. In the business world, executives are being terminated weekly for their lack of right results. Even the Lord will grade us on what we have done in the end. This is too critical to just wing it!

I challenge you to access what you do and why you do it. Is it bring vision to past? Is it helping you fulfill your goals? Are you carrying out your God-given assignment or are you just being busy. Leaders should live full lives not merely busy ones. Take some time now and through out each month to make sure you stay on target!

Be Blessed!


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