Leaders: Getting Things Done!


Hello All!

We are preparing here for one of the premier Leadership & Ministry Development Schools in our region. Our theme this year is “Getting Things Done: Developing High Performance Leaders and Helps Ministry. We believe the call on every Christian and every ministry is to do greater works than what Christ did while He was here. We know that “greater” is in terms of quantity and not quality. And at the same time, more and more churches and leaders should strive to improve their performance and productivity. As we get better, we bring greater glory to God and greater good to His people!

One of the ways I believe we can be highly productive and increase our performance is to determine what things we will do. We cannot be effective with limited time and resources and know how attempting to do and be all things to everyone. So we must decide what we will say “yes to” and be prepared to say a strong “no” to everything else. What 3-5 things will you or your ministry give its focus? Where will you commit your time, talent and resources? How will you effectively communicate to your team what your priorities are?

This week we will look more closely at how as churches and leaders we can get more done with the Lord. Our goal through this post and our Leadership School is to help you get better! So, take some time, if you have not already and determine what are you uniquely called to do or where will you make an uncommon contribution in the earth? The church and the world is in need of what you can make happen!

Until the next time, Stay On Target!

For Information on the Leadership & Ministry Development School, email lmdsinformation@gmail.com or call (336)323.3172


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