Being “Ministry-Minded” and Our Attitude Toward People



Ministry is a people business! It is intended to serve, equip, empower and inspire people. Without people, vision will perish too! Those who are “ministry-minded” have a right attitude for the people they are called to serve. This attitude is similar to the mind of Christ in the sense that He came to serve and not to be served. Christ was motivated to serve others by His love for God, His Father and for the Lord’s people.

Those who are ministry-minded function the same way! It is our love for Him and our love for His people that keeps us mindful of what we think, say and do especially regarding other people. We have a responsibility for making God clear and visible to mankind and in doing so our attitude towards them causes us to succeed or fail in our efforts.

The ministry-minded value the people above the task at hand or the entire system of work. People produce more and respond more positively in environments where they feel and believe they matter.

So, let’s maintain a proper attitude to those we are called to serve. Let’s be loving, considerate, kind, empowering and value adding to those of which we are privileged to minister.  Raise the level of your perspective of those God sends your way!

Stay On Target!


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