The Concept of Ministry-mindedness


Happy New Year!

This week, I want to share a few thoughts on what I call “ministry-mindedness”. There are scores of people who attend local churches but who absolutely no mindset for being involved in the ministry of that church. As born again believers, we are all called to serve The Lord in the context of a local church. Vision in a local church suffers when only a few people have a mentality for the work. We could get more done for the glory of God if individuals who possessed this mentality presented themselves and their skills, abilities, gifts and experience to be used of The Lord.

“Ministry-mindedness” is a mentality for serving that causes an individual to anticipate what needs to be done, see what needs to be done and the ability to get others to assist in doing it. I believe “ministry-mindedness” is found foremost in those who have matured in The Lord to the degree that being a part of a local church is no longer about them but about what God can get done through them.

Every local church needs more and more of its members to make this shift. How can you become more “ministry-minded”? I suggest you begin with prayer, reading through the book of Acts and then getting actively involved in the work of a local church. Throughout this week, I will provide a few more practical ways you can “let this mind be in you.”

Stay On Target!


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