Expect No Change, Where Nothing Has Changed!


Merry Christmas!

As we move into another New Year, filled with great expectations, few of those expectations will be met unless there is change. If in your organization, the people who are to carry out the work of vision have not changed, the results you receive in 2014 will only be a repeat of what they accomplished in 2013. Keep in mind, your current structure and systems have been designed to produce the exact results you are receiving now!

So, what must you do? How must you and your organization or ministry change? What is your plan to:
– Get the right people in the right places
– Set in motion the right structures, and systems
– Evaluate and review, obtaining valuable feedback for what’s working and why as well as what’s not working and what should be done about it

Someone said, the definition of insanity is doing the same things but expecting different results. Unless you are claiming insanity, you must begin NOW to think through how and what and who must change in order that next year’s results blow this year’s outcomes out of the water.

I’m praying for you! Better is possible for you and your ministry or organization. Just remember, “Hope is not a strategy!” There must be an executed plan to truly change.

Stay on Target!


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