When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 3


Merry Christmas!

Leaders who show slow or no growth” is the third issue I’d like to discuss relative to those things that give those leaders leading them nightmares. Growth is not an option for those who serve leaders. As the leader continues to grow, so must those who are connected with each leader. Slow growth in a support leader is just as diminishing as no growth. They both zap the life out of a leader who is seeking to lead God’s people forward in His vision for their lives

The ministry environment requires growth and change to produce success. Change without growth is impossible. I have taught for years that every person in a leadership role must have and work an annual plan for personal growth. This plan must include an accountability partner or measures to ensure its implementation or consistency.

In the Word of God, the expectation for every believer and in particular those who lead is that we grow and mature in godliness and the things of God. This will not merely happen and must be the result of our diligent and deliberate actions.

Some suggested ideas for your personal growth plan include: What 2-3 books on leadership will you read this year? What leadership conference will you register for and attend? Which leadership blogs or podcasts will you read and listen to each month? On the journey of your leadership development, who will you take along with you? Who will hold you accountable?

Make the determination that you will not be the one person that slows down the forward progress of vision because you are not growing or are slow to grow in your leadership ability. Get a plan and work it!

Until next time, Stay On Target!


2 thoughts on “When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 3

  1. dustinreneemitchell

    This is so very true! We shouldn’t think that there is a certain place that we reach where we no longer need growth. We should always strive for growth for ourselves and those we influence. Thanks for sharing.

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