When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 2


Merry Christmas!

“Leaders who are unprepared for their ministry assignments” is the second of fifteen ways those who are in support leadership roles are “killing” the leaders they have been called to serve beside. Whether it’s the inability to produce or even to find what is being asked for or the failure to pray, study and to prepare by the Spirit for what is next, any support leader that does not consistently ready themselves is draining precious life out of their leader. Those who come to meetings unprepared or with tasks that could have been completed undone fall into this category as well. Failure to remember what was assigned also falls here. It is your responsibility to become who you need to be, learn what you need to know and to get better at serving the vision to which you have been connected. Be in place, be on time, be prepared and be your best!

The bottom-line is that if you are called to support – be ready, be prepared and refuse to be one who hinders the vision because you simply did not do your part due to a lack of preparation!

When Nehemiah shared his God-given vision with the leaders who were to help him bring it to past, the Bible says they strengthened their hands or readied themselves for the work. Your leader needs you to be prepared! Not getting ready but READY! Otherwise, you are aiding in their “demise”.

It has been said that “expectation breeds manifestation.” I agree, but I believe that “prior preparation” comes first in this equation. Be prepared!

Until next time, Stay on Target!


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