When Leading You Is Killing Me! Part 1



We are beginning a new blog series tonight that is sure to help those in support roles be better at lightening the load of their leaders. There are certain things pastors or senior leaders want their followers and supporters to know relative to what makes leading them difficult. These things sap the life out of leaders, who ultimately want the best for those they lead. I have summarized these 15 things under the heading of When Leading You is Killing Me.

The point of this blog is to point out certain behaviors and attitudes that are draining life out of pastoral leaders and those who lead others in general. This is not to say that pastors or any leaders are by any means perfect and do not need to continue to grow themselves. But what this lesson does point out are some key places those who are called to support the pastor are missing and doing more harm than good.

First of all, having to “remember” to “remind” a leader of an assignment, responsibility, etc. When your leader makes an assignment, it then becomes your responsibility to not only remember it but to see it through to the end. Where this is not done, a leader is forced to keep a list of tasks he/she has assigned in order to follow-up with it until completion. This is draining as they must work their list but also remember yours! Solution: Keep your own list of task assignments, due dates and all pertinent details as well as the due or completion date. Be sure to give your leader feedback along the way, especially when it appears that you may not complete the assignment by the time assigned. And don’t wait until the last-minute to inform them! Allow for time to make other plans if needed.

Bottom line: Seek to be God-honoring and professional. The work you are assigned to due is important and needs to be done. Do mightily and as unto the Lord!

Until tomorrow, Stay on Target!



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