Leaders Who Advance the Vision – Part 5



We are wrapping up this series of blog posts on Leaders Who Advance the Vision (Acts 6:1-7), with this fifth and final installment. Leaders who advance the vision, lastly are anointed (vs. 6). The anointing has been defined as the “full backing of Almighty God to do what you could not otherwise do without it'”.  Do you qualify for your leader’s anointing? Do you qualify to bear the spirit of the house? The anointing is the divine empowerment to do. It is not a feeling. It is given by the Holy Ghost. In order for a person to walk in an anointing there needs to be a yieldedness on the inside. Can we lay our hands on you? Leaders who advance the vision must be anointed. Consider the following examples:

–    Moses and the 70 elders

–    Jesus was approved by the Father by the anointing He received

In each case, the anointing was needed for success and effectiveness in ministry.

End result:

–    Strategic ministry (vs. 4)

–    Supernatural growth (vs. 7)

Take a moment and go back through all five of these characteristics and pay attention to this profile of what it takes to be a leader who advances the vision. It has been wisely said that Teamwork makes the dream work! If you are not “the” leader, commit to helping your leader advance the vision. What else can you be or do?

I would love to hear whether this was helpful to you!

Until tomorrow, Stay on Target!


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