Leaders Who Advance the Vision – Part 1



I pray you had a phenomenal Thanksgiving Holiday! My was wonderful!

As we prepare to close out 2013 and ready ourselves for an even better 2014, I want to challenge all leaders who are not “the” leader to be one who advances the vision! The principles I will share are found in Acts 6:1-7.

A leader who advances the vision, first of all, they are highly responsive (vs. 2). When they are called to come together at the direction of their leadership, they show up.

–    “Responsive” = 1) that which gives or serves as an answer or response; 2) reacting easily or readily to suggestion or appeal

–    In other words, responsive folk stand ready to respond without debate or delay

–    They are responsive to “Their set leader and his leadership team”. In 1 Sam. 10:26, the Bible lets us know that those who are responsive to their leaders have had their heart touched by God. It is the presence and power of God in their leader that awakens and stirs the presence and power of God in those who follow. But only in those whose heart The Lord has touched.

–    They are responsive to their leader’s commands. He is God’s delegated spokesperson for their lives. What He speaks through His servant are mandates, must do’s and vital components of vision and destiny!

–    They are responsive to their leader’s demands placed upon them as it relates to God’s Word and vision for the house. Vision is demanding and the promises attached to it don’t suggest you get involved but demand your energy, your support and involvement.

–    Responsive folk are sold out to the vision of the house. They are connected by the Spirit in such a way that they echo the vision, cheer it on when it is talked about or mentioned! They show passion and enthusiasm for the work! They set the tone for the zeal in the house by the power of the Holy Ghost!

–    Responsive people give positive or constructive feedback.

–    They ask questions (shows that there is care or concern or the need for clarity) without being questioning!

–    They do the brainstorming!

–    They come up with plans, ideas and recommendations in response to the divine mandates the Set Man receives from God.

–    They become the “How” to the what and the why and the when of God for their ministry! (They are answers to prayer!)

–    They, the responsive, bring the vision to past.

–    The late Apostle Otis Lockett taught us that the people need the pastor for purpose and the pastor needs the people for provision. In other words, your pastor or the leader will help you identify and walk out your purpose. And at the same time this becomes a part of what is necessary (provision) for the vision.

Leaders who advance the vision, become and become avenues of the provision a vision needs to brought into fruition. Here is my encouragement to you. Work on being highly responsive wherever you have been planted.

Until tomorrow, Stay on Target!


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