Successfully Single – Element #5



Here is the fifth and final element for living Successfully Single. I hope this has been a blessing to you!

Future – Your future will be no better than your vision, value system and the virtue you possess. Those who will live a successful single life must strive to possess and be strong in all three.

A) Vision – divine direction; God’s direction for your life (Prov. 29:18)

–    You will perish waiting on someone else to give direction or vision to your life. You must get a vision for your life from God.

B) Value System – an anchor for your life; moral standards that are non-negotiable; the foundation for integrity; the standard by which you judge everything else.

– Your standard ought to be the Word of God

C) Virtue – moral excellence in demonstration; living what is right. Wherever there is virtue there is power! Many Christians have no power because they have no moral excellence. (2 Peter 1:5; Phil. 1:10) Moral excellence is what produces power!

How do you get vision, virtue and a value system? They come through the fellowship of the Spirit! You must not only be born again, baptized in the Spirit but you must be filled with or under the control of the Holy Ghost.

–    Gal. 5:16

–    Rom. 8

See you next week and Stay on Target!


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